Who am I?

About me

I've always been a "helper".  Even when I didn't want to be I always wanted to make sure everyone around me was OK.  But this is the opportunity for me to put my own oxygen mask on first and then, if the plane hasn't already plummeted ... help you with yours too :)

Jon Imondi - Simple Man.
Lover of coffee, hammock camping, singing and generally doing nothing.

This is my short story

I'm Here to Bring my 10+ Years Experience to You so You can Fast Track

I'm Jon I'm in my early 40's and this is my short story:

I've been building online business for a number of years now but that wasn't always the case.  I had an IT career for almost 20 years, retrained as a therapist and taught meditation and mindfulness online for a number of years.  

I'm now all in when it comes to online marketing.  Specifically digital marketing.

If I haven't mentioned it I love coffee and am a bit of a snob about it.  No instant for me thank you!  I love hammock camping and generally learning about new things (is this a dating profile).  

I believe I have a unique superpower as I have the tech skills and knowledge to help people make a real living from this stuff.  As well as the therapeutic understanding to get to the bottom of what's REALLY stopping you from living the life of your dreams.  *SPOILER* - It's likely you.

I've built marketingwithease.com to make it as easy for you as a beginner to get started in this game.  Life can be overwhelming enough so let's at least make this that tiny bit simpler.

Big love, Jon x

My Passions

Drinking coffee, hammock camping and understanding everything I can about ... well ... everything.

My experience

10+ Years of building online businesses.

My Promise

I will be honest, authentic and transparent in everything I do for you.

“I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2022 and that changed everything for me.  It was now time to stop playing at internet marketing and start to get serious and make money for me, my partner, and my beautiful pup.”


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